Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Rabbits Rule the World?

Lets look at some really, really crazy facts about rabbits! Maybe you have heard the old saying multiply like rabbits well lets investigate that a little more. Rabbits are quickly becoming one of the number one sources for meat world wide! Do you believe me? Let us look at some rabbit facts. Ok, what animal was used to feed almost all the Germans in World War 2. What animal can multiply like crazy? What animal can live in small places like in cities?



More Rabbit Facts:

A Rabbit Doe can have bunnies about every 40 days!
A litter can consist of a count around 8 kits. Sometimes this number can be around 12! Every once in a while there will be a report of a doe having 23 bunnies! No- I am not joking!
If a rabbit had bunnies every 40 days (possible) they could have 9 litters a year.
Sometimes a Doe can continue to have litters until age 6.

Do the math that is a crap load of bunnies!

On average an American family has 2.5 children. China's population is decreasing.

Remember the energy pyramid? Only 10% of energy moves to next level. Rabbits are herbivores right? Humans in some cases are quaternary consumers. Get the picture?

When Rabbits Rule the World? What would happen? Who would be in charge?

By the way they are already in charge of todays dogs: The Rabbit vs. The Dog

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An additive to the Raising Rabbits series or the Rabbits Raising Humans series, LOL

To be or not to be. To believe or not to believe. The choice is yours. The sky is the limit.


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