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Raising Holland Rabbits

What you should know about raising rabbits: Hollands

If you've decided to add a rabbit to your family and have settled on a Holland Lop then you've made a great choice! Holland Lop rabbits are a popular family pet for good reason. Of course every bunny has its own personality and there are always exceptions to the rule but in general they have friendly, inquisitive natures and love to be included in the family. Plus they are outrageously cute with their signature lop ears and baby-like appearance.

They are also known as Netherland Dwarf Lop but should not be confused with the Netherland Dwarf rabbit which is a completely separate breed with classic non-lop rabbit ears. The Holland Lop life span is around 10 years. Indoor rabbits tend to live longer than outdoor ones as they are more protected from predators and weather.

So, are there special things you need to know to care for your bun?

Here are our 5 top tips to caring for Holland Lop rabbits:

1. Don't over feed her

Obesity is a major problem with this breed because of their small size. It is ok to feed hay freely but be careful of pellets as well as high sugar fruits and vegetables. A serving of carrots or fruit for a 3lb lop is 1 tablespoon per day.

2. Watch her teeth

Holland Lop rabbits have very small heads and this can create problems with their teeth. Check your bunny's teeth regularly to make sure she is able to chew. If she stops eating (or chewing) she may have a problem with them. This can be serious so get her to a vet to be checked over asap.

3. Make sure her cage is big enough

Many people think that because their Holland Lop is so small (usually under 4 pounds) that they don't need a big cage/hutch. If anything, the opposite is true. A smaller rabbit tends to be more active than a larger breed and needs a cage that is at least 4-5 times their size.

4. Be careful of temperature changes

Rabbits are delicate creatures when it comes to changes in temperature and even more so when they have a very small body weight. No matter what the time of year always ensure your bun has access to somewhere she can cool off or keep warm so that she can regulate her temperature.

5. Be extra vigilant

Holland Lops are a very small breed. Always make sure your home is well fenced if you are exercising your bun as she could escape through the smallest of gaps. Also be careful when she is inside that she doesn't get caught under your feet.

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